Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gingerbread Cookies

Another Christmas Eve Tradition kept alive thanks to Nanny. We all helped make Gingerbread cookies for Santa. So fun and so yummy.

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve was truly a magical time for our family. My brother Scotty and his wife Laura drove up from the Bay Area with their twins Isabel and Aiden. Our dear friends Mike and Erin Johnson along with their two kids Kayla and Brooke also celebrated with us, as well as my mom and dad. In fact this is the third Christmas Eve we've spent with the Johnsons. It's been quite a wonderful tradition that I hope continues in years to come. We had a beautiful Lamb dinner followed by a musical Christmas program. Erin played the piano while the rest of us sang Christmas songs and read the Christmas Story. It was such a gift to have such beautiful live music in our home.

Friday, December 25, 2009

The Apron

Look at that cute apron!!! My mom and I were shopping a few months ago and stumbled across the cutest vintage aprons. Of course, I immediately fell in love with them and started drooling on the spot. However, they were way overpriced and something that I certainly couldn't justify buying for myself. So, I turned to my mom who is a fabulous seamstress and said, "You could make me one of these. They are sooooo cute!!! In fact, it would be a great Christmas present." Well, lo and behold, on Christmas Eve my mom insisted I open this one particular package. Wow, I couldn't believe that she actually made me the apron. I totally fell in love with it and didn't take it off the whole night. It really is soooo cute and I am definitely inspired to cook more just so as I have an excuse to put on the apron. Thanks Mom!!!!

Jaq and Aubrey's first trip to the Ballet

My Mom was so generous to
buy Nutcracker Tickets for her, myself and my two darling children. A great excuse to get all dressed up and experience something so lovely. It's become a tradition year after year to go the the Nutcracker Ballet with my mom. It began when I was a little girl and I have such great childhood memories of my trips to the Nutcracker with her. Now it was my turn to let my children experience the Nutcracker Ballet for the first time. It was so wonderful to share something I enjoy so much again with my mom and now own children. Our seats on the aisle in the very last row of the second balcony were surprisingly the best seats in the house. It was a perfect place for Aubrey to do her own twirling, singing, and bowing without disturbing other ballet patrons, while the rest of us were completely enthralled in the music and movement.

Trip to Monterey

We scored some free tickets to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!
It was awesome to say the least. Monterey is probably my favorite place on earth. However, it was very cold and windy the day we were there. In fact, that's why Dexter is sporting the pink scarf. Who says real men don't wear pink?

Dexter had the week off before Christmas so we took the children down to Santa Cruz for a couple days. We hopped aboard the Roaring Camp Chirstmas train. It was really so much fun. The train included hot cider, an open mike sing along, and Mr. and Mrs. Clause even paid us a visit.

Sunday Music Program

What a special day!!
My family and I went to our church music program. I sang with the Choir and then had the opportunity to sing "Oh Holy Night".
I'm so grateful they were all there to share that experience with me. Afterwards we all went to Dinner at Palermo's. Aubrey cried all through dinner but we finally got a smile out of her when the waiter brought her vanilla ice-cream.